How kind of liar you will be?
It probably true that everyone had been lied in past life.
I just heard a lie from my manager talk to his wife which work overtime replaced have a dinner with us.
I don't know the reason and I think isn't a big deal about the dining.
For the situation I will talk the truth.
Recall this week when I had lied recently.
I lied to a nurse I never try a any medicine or drug when I want do the blood donor.
Because I think it had been a long time that I just smoke the weed for few seconds when I working holiday at Australia.
I feel wired that I was a liar and want to cover something bad.
The moment will be uncomfortable after lied someone I didn't mean to do.
So it was a good discussible topic.
I know some peoples will lie to girl to greet her or lie to keep the two-time in secret behind the girlfriend.
Be aware to everyone around you may lie to you.


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