what title is ?
Search by google will be a good choice.
Just take it easy I will let you know now.
It just a illness cause by liver which is part of dead disease.
And you don't need to be scared.
Becasue we get the better quality of hygiense for our modern society.
And you just remember that dining after washing the hands.
That you will away the disease.
Then I went to the hospital for inspect today.
Nothing special and a reason I have to do.
I have the opportunity to set a branch at China.
So I must follow the rule and check myself before going to china.
As you know, the condition of hygiense was't good at every place in china.
I was be push to do the examine.
The company want to know your health and antibody.
And making sure the authority you deserve.
Or only the regert couldn't have the insurance.

Kind of boring topic.
Just thinking a new ideal.
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To make something different

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