One thing I sure that I was different before I been Australia.
It's really to saw many condition among the daily life.
I think I had passed the most disturbed thing and upset stuffs.
Face all kind of people and let me much considerately.
I don't promise to be smile when face everyone but treat the peoples positively.
My company co-worker will be a good example.
When everyone talk about the funny about the university life
One of my co-worker always exaggerated his pass how hard he survival.
And acting well front of manger , being lazy at back side.
Someone suggest me not to care about it.
I will say it's not my business. I shame to the co-worker with him.

You could find that I was judge someone behind him.
I also not the perfect people at all.
You could also give me some advice!
I will appreciate you sincerely.

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To make something different

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