I think after reading this article you will know how's going to my life.
Should I say I get a mature face or being nature at company?
As usual I walk to factory for surveying some equipment and try to figure the engineer digram.
To met co-worker who we know each other before.
But he get a problem to ask me for safety of repairing project.
I have no ideal about that because I was a Rookie.
I only could make a phone call to help him.
then he say"senior why you didn't aware"
"You possibly kidding me.I just be official employee after new year holiday."
guess why?
I have a senior who I always beside to him for the passing 3 months.
But he move to UMC for better pay and get some challenge last week.Then I start to walk around alone.
And we regard us as friend did't bond by class.
I call him "Master" he call me "senior"
The co-worker just think I finished a project back form china so He never saw me before.
That's answer.
I get the talent to be a senior.

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