Just watch a movie couple minutes ago whose was kind of meaning one for me.
Comparing with actor will find same common.
How stubborn personality to make him insist to the end.
Successful to escape form a canyon after break his arm which stocking with a rock.
It was really Unbelievable.
Turn to me I will never know that I was brave to abandon part of mine
Maybe I just waiting for dead at such situation.
And we get something in common.
Seldom making a phone call to my family
And my parent hard to know where I will go.
If one day I get a trouble I only could help myself to figure it out.
At this hard moment family will show up at my mind supporting all time like the actor.
The love will be in my mind as well and regretting the pass I done.
Thinking it widely.
Treasure what you have & catch the chance you wait.

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To make something different

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