I had Backed to my country for a while.
There didn't have problem to re-used,
everything still familiar for me.
At some meets with family or friends,
except the basic conversation
some peoples eager to know the living in Australia.
It's sure that living abroad was special for most peoples.
But it wasn't an easy job behind the good appearance.
First you wasn't only face the challenge of language and culture.
Responsibility for yourself what you had done or when making a decision.
It wasn't just a trip visit around scenery and prepare some souvenirs..
You need to face everything form usual things to seeking a job and handle the society
Try hard to being natural as I could

Overlook the past year,
there still have some inharmonious parts
because the chinese culture and my personality
You still can find the ture I had changed
After meeting all kind of peoples form everywhere
my english come to life,
creating a different values,
facing everyone with right attitude.
enlarging my world view.
Maybe some people will say that you didn't earn much money back home
I think I will respond
"The experience I got in Australia was more important than the money"

No matter the end and
keep positive pass through stages one by one in your life

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To make something different

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